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Hear us out. See, we're not insane. *cough* REALLY. We just really, really worship Harthun. And if you don't know who Harthun is, you really have no business on this website. Unless you like bad emo lyrics. Well, not if you read those by mr_melvin because she doesn't have bad emo lyrics. She has awesome emo lyrics. But I might be biased, because I worship her.

Not as much as Harthun, though. *hey*

And hopefully, the other two mods aren't gonna kick me off the triumvirate because references to Julius Caesar are cool, dammit, even if I'm a lot bit deranged. Ah hah.

In case that was a little unclear: this community is for the posting of random poems, lyrics, short stories and other literary artistic works that are thought up.

There is no defined subject matter - though there will be common themes running through the majority of the pieces, due to the fact that we belong to the Borg International Baccalaureate masses. One of the main ones being sex (oh my god, really?) as is greatly hinted at (aka: said outright) in the title.

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