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I know how much of this is actually true, but you can guess.

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            I guess you could call me a hopeless perfectionist. Because, what else but perfection, is there to strive for in this life? But, I suppose perfection has a different meaning to everyone; my version is difficult to explain through definition. Therefore, I’ll define it through examples.

  1. It was one of those beautiful crisp winter days. We’d just gotten back from skiing. We made hot cocoa—and you were there with me, for the first time. A gentle presence reminding me that you truly don’t have to be alone in this world. That there is someone with whom you can sit in a window sill, basking in the warm winter sun reflecting off of the snow covering every inch of the barren winter world, sharing the solace of such a feeling so grotesquely complex in its own simplicity.
  2. It was the dog days of summer. We’d lit one of those huge citronella candles in a bucket to stave off the mosquitoes and we’d sat down by the pond, under a velvet black sky, so dense that it seemed to loom right above our heads. The only light was that of a dim lantern at our feet, and the moon staring down at us, intruding on the safety we felt in each other’s arms. It was then, in that moment that I knew. We couldn’t see more than a foot past our own noses, but we didn’t need to­—we had each other and the whole Universe of light captured in the water at our feet.
  3. I had not a care in the world: my head on your perfect chest, the soft rhythm of your heart pounding into my ears, the calm we both felt in that place. Bare skin brushing bare skin—a little sticky from the ocean’s salt—beneath the tropical sun—usually unbearable but it was as if in that moment Nature had decided to give us a temporary respite from the cruel taste of reality. We were warm, and the wind whispering over us carried with it our worries, leaving behind but one little crumb of happiness.
  4. Under normal circumstances, we would have been frigid out on the roof that night. On top of the world, above the city lights, and below the carpet of stars, we found our morsel of brilliance. I realised then that I wasn’t scared, anymore. You held me as I trembled in my emotion—because truthfully, I wasn’t cold with your arms keeping me safe, pulling us so close that we could diffuse into each other. My head fit so flawlessly into that nook between your shoulder and your chest, and as the mercury began to freeze, we were glowing with an unexpected warmth.
            I’ve learned to take life—and love—as it comes. Never miss that chance, because even if for one moment, however fleeting, you can trust another enough to open yourself to them, and have them open themselves to you, you’ll find perfection in the only form it can exist in this life.
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